From Milan to NYC, A Survival Guide

Bursting onto the scene, three young entrepreneurs from NYC successfully engineered the “bridge” between old world classic elegance and contemporary eclectic artistry in the jewelry industry. But this isn't a story about an overnight sensation. The foundation was built over a half-century ago in Milan, Italy. For decades, the Livian family has been—and continues to be—celebrated as an institution in the field of precious stones, most notably for their expertise in the worlds of fine Colombian emeralds and fine jewelry. The challenge was to find a way to make this great legacy live on and continue to evolve with the times. As third-generation Milanese Jewelers, twins Yonatan and Yael Livian (with the guidance of their older sister Micol) recognized that the winds of change were blowing in an uncharted direction and took swift action to get there first. As the old adage goes, adapt or die.


Now, the Livian Twins have quickly established themselves as a force in the New York City fashion scene, taking the torch passed to them by their predecessors and using it to illuminate a new path. Together they created a winning formula that meets the demands of the fine jewelry tastemakers and collectors of today while effectively forecasting the fashion trends of tomorrow. Introducing Gemma Couture—Jewelry of the past for the future. “We captured the essence of the past but gave it a much-needed twist.” says Yonatan Livian, Founder & CEO of Gemma Couture. “Like our cars and homes, our most cherished investments are the ones we enjoy every day. Yet for some reason, many people keep their often-outdated, overly-expensive Jewelry stashed away, and rightfully so. But this is a new age, and your jewelry should be just as bold as anything else you wear—and that’s precisely where we fill the void in the market. We are changing the perception of what fine jewelry represents to the new generation of buyers by offering them a glimpse into where the industry is headed. Our fans love it and we can't wait to give them more!”