In my family, Jewelry is practically a religion. From a young age I was taught to appreciate fine jewelry. My roots are deeply embedded in the jewelry industry, going 3 generations back from both the Livian and Hadjibay sides of my family. It's in my DNA.

When I was a young boy my father would send me to my uncles' office with a few stones to try and sell. They would give me a hard time and drive a hard bargain but I loved every second. I would sit in my uncle Moris's office for hours until he would finally buy from me. He would tell me every day that I was born to do this, as he saw my passion. The jewelry industry is like one big family that I knew I wanted to be a part of. 

My love for the industry made me realize that a change was needed, and I wanted to be part of that change. I wanted people to be inspired to wear luxurious pieces that were classy, trendy, and affordable everyday of the week, instead of stashing it away for safekeeping or because it's out of style.

My sisters and I were supposed to launch the Gemma Couture site earlier, but unfortunately the pandemic put things on hold. Then I began to look at it as a blessing in disguise. I realized that providing a service for family and friends that want to get engaged was even more appreciated now than ever before. And there are so many people that still want to celebrate their happy occasions in style. So this IS the right time!

Love is eternal, nothing can stop it. Jewelry has always been the gift of love, and that will never change. We at Gemma Couture humbly offer our thorough assistance to anyone who is seeking personal jewelry advisor.

Invest in yourself...with style.

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